Can’t Make Calls or Calls Dropping

Check your Boxes

The best way to determine the issue is to see what the boxes are doing when the call drop occurs or when a call cannot be made.

Ensure your Network Unit (large box) has a decent signal from the network of 4 to 5 bars.

Make sure your coverage unit (small box) has 4-5 bars of boost on the indicator.

If you do not have these numbers then visit our section on improving the boost and signal

If the boxes display an error go to our system error section.

If the link between the boxes is dropping and then reconnecitng all the time, then it could be caused by the boxes being on the edge of communication. If you have full bars, try moving the boxes closer so you get a bar less.

The other cause of the link dropping is radio interference in the building. If this is the case visit our radio interference section to find a solution.

Check Phone Signal

When the call drops or you cant make a call, check the phones signal strength, and also if you are using 3G or 4G on the call.

If you are using 4G when on a call, then in your phones settings turn off 4G to test if the same problem occurs on 3G. Some phone have settings that enable voice calls to only go via 3G.

If you have good 3G signal and still can’t make a call, then contact our technical department.

Stand Close to Coverage Unit

The coverage unit is the only box that puts out the mobile signal.

Does the problem still occur when you place a call near the coverage unit? (small box)

If calls improve then the coverage area might need to be expanded by visiting our section on improving the boost and signal

CHECK YOUR cel-fi model

Make sure you are using a model that supports your network:

Cel-Fi-P34-0/3/5/28xx = Telstra
Cel-Fi-P34-1/3/7/8xx = Optus or Vodafone

A carrier logo can usually be found on the back of the box or packaging box to determine if the unit supports Optus or Vodafone.