No Signal Improvement on Phone

the 3G & 4G mode button

As GO will only boost one band at a time, you need to ensure that the mode selected on the GO button (either 3G or 4G) matches the signal you are testing on your phone. You could look like a silly sausage if testing the GO in 3G mode when your phone has a 4G signal.

Turning 4G on or off can be done in your phones setting. You may need to turn off your phone’s WiFi to see the 3G/4G indicator.

See the typical 3G indicators on my giant iPhone 12 Plus.

We have instructions on how to get exact signal measurements on your phone for iPhone or Android models, if you wish to be extra nerdy.


Using the WAVE App you can check the level of ‘Boost’ being applied to the signal.

Ideally the Boost needs to be a number between 7 and 9 to see a noticable difference on your phone.

If you are not getting a number in this range see our section on maximising the GO setup

CHECK YOUR input signal

Using the WAVE App you can check the input signal from the external antenna.

Ideally you need 3-5 bars, to help maximise this, see our section on maximising the GO setup.

mobile version - signal too strong

If the signal at the outdoor antenna is strong, the GO Mobile version will not boost the signal.

3G: signal 4 bars or better (-80dBm) GO will not boost
4G: signal 4 bars or better (-95dBm) GO will not boost

This does not affect the GO Stationary version, which will boost all the time.

This feature is designed to protect the network, just in case a GO is at full boost and suddenly approaches a tower whilst moving.

To view your exact signal level use the WAVE App and check the Donor RSSI coming in from the antenna.

The ‘Boost’ indicator will be at 0 when not boosting and no alarms will be displayed.