Cel-Fi Application


If you are transferring your registered Cel-Fi product to another address or owner it is a regulatory requirement to update the new details with the Carrier. Please update your details below:


As Cel-Fi is an approved carrier product, you are required to complete an application before placing your order using the links below.

Telstra PRO (3G/4G) | GO – Mobile (for vehicles) | GO Stationary (for marine/buildings)

Online registration for Telstra products are no longer required, WAVE App registration and activation will need to be completed upon receiving the product.

Further information can be found at https://cel-fi.com.au/blog/registration/

Optus PRO (3G/4G)

OPTUS RS218 (3G)

Vodafone PRO (3G/4G)

Vodafone RS218 (3G)

Spark PRO (3G/4G)

Vodafone NZ PRO (3G/4G)

2degrees PRO (3G/4G)