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CEL-FI or Caravan park Wi-Fi … That is the Question

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“Do you have signal?” It’s a common question to hear, or ask when you’re travelling through regional and even metro Australia.

Whether you’re taking a few short trips a year or planning to travel the big lap, you want to know you can get mobile phone signal.

There are a plethora of options available to improve your signal on the go, but how do you know the best option for you?

How do I know what to choose?

Free Wi-Fi offered to guests visiting caravan and camping parks is a common option. However, the functionality of this service is not always suitable for everyone, as caravan park Wi-Fi will only provide a Wi-Fi signal. This restricts users in a number of ways and still won’t necessarily help you to make phone calls.

In comparison, CEL-FI GO is a mobile signal repeater which allows you to make and receive calls. It is also able to provide internet in areas with as little as 1 bar of reception.

This device is installed into your vehicle or caravan and works by boosting both the cellular data and the signal of your mobile phone. Now you and your family can text, call and access the internet access all at once.


Never again will you have to move or stay in a certain spot to make and receive calls. You can happily travel off the beaten track knowing your CEL-FI GO can boost your signal in low reception areas.

When visiting a caravan park, CEL-FI GO allows you to access faster and more reliable data speeds, rather than relying on a shared Wi-Fi network. This also means that you can park in those oceanfront spots away from the crowds and still receive a boosted signal.

CEL-FI GO has no daily data allowance caps, it utilises your phone’s data plan. Simply install the device into your vehicle and take your boosted mobile signal with you.

With just one upfront payment you own the device outright, with no plans or recurring fees.

The Powertec team have pioneered some of the most innovative mobile and wireless broadband systems on the planet. We can deliver the only legal CEL-FI solution, for all Australian carriers, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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