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CEL-FI GO – Understanding How it Works

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Travel journalist Andrew Murray from Top Wire Traveller recently purchased a CEL-FI GO and spent some quality time breaking it down to work out the pros and cons, tips and hints to optimise the unit.  This is a great article for self-installers because it clearly shows you where you can go wrong, and provides you with helpful hints so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Good points to note from the article:

  • It is vital to set up your antennas correctly – not isolating your antennas will mean your unit will not perform well or not perform to its greatest capacity.
  • He also advises how you can use the 4G signal to connect online, by simply flicking a switch on the device (see Switching Coverage)

We always recommend that you utilise an experienced installer, especially if you are hard wiring your device, but if you are handy, then advice from Andrew will ensure you get the best out of your device.  But where all else fails, you can always contact the Support Department at Powertec.

Click through to read the full article on the Top Wire Traveller Website:


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