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Cel-Fi GO Stationary – Directing Mobile Signal

We recently worked with a reseller who needed to boost a non-existent mobile signal in a client home. Whilst the client did not have any signal around their house due to its position in a valley, there was signal on a hill close by. The solution was put together by Powertec engineers.

A solar powered installation was constructed on the hill with a Cel-Fi GO positioned within the box.  The panel antenna pushed the signal from the hill to the house.  The result was a usable mobile coverage signal for a delighted client.

This type of set up can send the mobile signal 100m typically (from installation site to destination house) but we do have distances of between 300 – 400m being reported by our resellers for similar applications.

Whilst this situation is not suitable for many people, there will be a niche group who will be able to achieve mobile coverage via this method.

For information of a local reseller who can consult in your situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  https://cel-fi.com.au/info/

2 thoughts on “Cel-Fi GO Stationary – Directing Mobile Signal

  1. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Just did a similar setup in the middle of the Tanami Desert – 75kms away from the nearest tower. Amazing product — fully solar powered and gives quality of life to a lot of locals. Great job guys

  2. Powertec Telecommunications says:

    Thanks for letting us know. If you have some images and 5 minutes, we would love to write a short blog on your setup? For those who are not sure, the Tanami Desert is located north west of Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory of Australia, to the east of the Great Sandy Desert. At 184,500 km2 (71,235 square miles) the Tanami Desert is Australia’s third largest desert.

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