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On the back of many enquiries, we recently introduced 4 variations of Caravan Packs comprising of the CEL-FI GO Stationary model and differing antennas depending on the caravan and the application.

Leading Edge Electronics Store in Geraldton specifically wanted one for their client who was travelling around Australia in their caravan.  Various options were discussed with the supplier with the final version selected being the Omni Caravan Pack.  This pack included: Stationary CEL-FI GO, Blackhawk Marine Omni High Gain Antenna inc mount (7/10 dB) + 10m LMR240 cable & Indoor Wall Mount Antenna, 6m RG58 cable. Inc 240 adaptor (optional 12V if requested).

Feedback from the clients Joe and Robyn was extremely positive:

Prior to installing the CEL-FI GO in their 21″ aluminium caravan, Joe had an occasional 1 bar reception which would allow texting only.  Robyn had no reception at all with a Telstra handset designed for regional use. 

They now both have 4-5 bars of reception on both phones with full internet and call coverage. They also report to having coverage out to about 20 metres away from the caravan before it begins to break up (including internet). These customers are delighted with the performance of the CEL-FI GO.

For CEL-FI GO to work at it’s optimum, isolation between the two antennas was key and the caravan’s aluminium roof assisted with this isolation allowing coverage to extend well beyond the caravan walls.  Note that a fiberglass caravan could need a different solution to achieve the same result – preferably a directional antenna placed higher on a pole to achieve sufficient vertical isolation.

If you are in the Geraldton WA area, stop off at the Leading Edge Electronics store and they will be able to assist you to improve mobile coverage on the open road.

Leading Edge Electronics Geraldton
61 Marine Terrace
Phone: 08 9921 1278
Email: leegeraldton@westnet.com.au

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