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The Gold Coast Malloy family have just returned from their 10 month ‘Big Lap’ around Australia where travellers Craig and Kelly continued to manage their business remotely (with the help of some very competent staff).

While Australia gets a big tick for our amazing outback and culture, we unfortunately have a red cross against us where regional and remote mobile phone coverage is concerned.  So how were the Malloy’s able to get over their communication drawbacks?

Map of Australia

The Government has recently funded almost $600 million in new investments to improving mobile coverage across Australia.  The funding covers 499 upgraded or new mobile base stations, over 68,000 square Km’s of new handheld coverage in regional Australia and over 150,000 square km’s of new external antenna coverage.  While this sounds substantial it is really just the start.  The rough Australian terrain does not lend itself to an easy solution for traveller communication so many 4×4 drivers will have to resort to alternative means to be able to run their business and keep in touch when on the road.

CEL-FI GO Mobile Version for vehicles

Craig states that one of the reasons they were able to do their ‘Lap’ was the ability to work and keep the business running while travelling – and installing CEL-FI GO ensured they had great phone and data for much of their trip via the Telstra 3G and 4G network.  Being able to keep in contact with staff and clients was a business lifesaver for them, and great for the children when doing their online schooling.

CEL-FI GO is a mobile phone repeater that can boost a 3G or 4G Telstra signal. To work, it requires an outdoor antenna to pick up the signal and an indoor antenna to provide signal to any Telstra mobile device in range. Having an inbuilt amplifier, it will boost a very poor signal and make it usable. The Mobile CEL-FI GO version if perfect for vehicles and those on the move. The stationary version is perfect for homes, offices and caravans.

Time and time again, right around the country, when the family parked at camps, beaches or rainforests, they were able to access mobile coverage.  Without utilising a GO, accessing mobile coverage could be a struggle, as many of their fellow travellers could attest too.

Man with Laptop on Beach

Craig remembers one situation very clearly on a beach in Muttee Head on the way to Cape York. A group of men camping close by were struggling to make a phone call, while Craig was able to run a video conference with a client from his car. The ease of set-up was also a bonus – once set up in an area with a sniff of a signal, you were connected.  There was no hassle or dealing with giant aerials and accessories.


“The GO is really quite impressive. Several times we have been the only person in the camping ground or attraction with internet and reception of a level that is very usable for business.” Craig Malloy, Traveller and Owner of Shared Marketing, Marketing and Design specialists.

For more information on CEL-FI GO solutions for your vehicle, contact Powertec Telecommunications for details of the pack appropriate for your travels on 07 5577 0500, or email sales@powertec.com.au.


Relive the Malloy family adventure of a lifetime as they explore our Great Southern Land:  https://www.facebook.com/LappingItUpAroundAustralia

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