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Case Study – Singapore Army CEL-FI

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Business Profile

Since 1990 the Singapore Armed Forces has operated a base in Rockhampton, Central Queensland, where a small contingent remain year round but a larger group descend annually to the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Base 130Km north to carry out their training exercises.


Business Needs

Singapore Army personnel live and work in very basic conditions while on site. Their building structures are primarily demountables, dongas and tents.  There is no mobile reception in the Shoalwater Bay area.  ADSL lines are available but have been deployed for the specific use of the Australian Army who are not able to be share for security reasons.

A new Telstra tower has been planned for construction in the area for the last 4 years but its arrival still does not appear to be imminent.

Contact with friends and family via mobile could not be done on base, making it hard for personnel to keep in touch.  The closest town Yeppoon is 100km away (Brisbane being 628km away) so it was a very long way to drive just for a quick chat or to check in.

Using their knowledge of the local area, Powertec Dealer Mango 4 Office Technology (with offices in Rockhampton, Gladstone and Emerald) were able to offer a quick and simple solution.


Product/s Used

1 x CEL-FI

1 x Blackhawk Yagi Antenna


The Solution

Just one RS2 CEL-FI for Telstra connected to a directional Blackhawk Yagi Antenna aimed at the closest Telstra tower ensured that mobile coverage was established immediately in the working quarters of the camp.  Army personnel can now make and receive mobile telephone calls and have internet access where before there was none.

The Singapore Army Mission states “We thrive on the support of our Families, Employers and fellow Singaporeans”.  Now with access to internet and mobile coverage, they can certainly adhere to this principle even while living a long way from home in Australia.

Powertec provides full network design