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Poynting LPDA-92 Antenna 698-3800MHz

SKU: WEB-234

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The Poynting LPDA-92 Antenna is a durable and high performance directional 4G antenna capable of operating on most global 4G frequencies from 700 to 3800 MHz. The antenna provides a modest 11 dBi gain across standard 4G frequencies between the range of 700 and 2700 MHz, making it suitable for use in hilly terrain or locations obstructed by vegetation.

The LPDA-92 antenna can also operate on 5G Mid-Band frequencies, although only at a low gain (2.3 dBi).


  • Futureproof wideband LTE and Wi-Fi antenna covering 690 – 3800MHz
  • Compatible with 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies
  • 5G Ready; includes 3.2 GHz to 3.8 GHz CBRS Band
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Easy alignment with the main beam around 50° wide
  • Used in extreme weather environments
  • Comes with a bracket, U-bolts and fasteners suitable for pole mounting

The key feature of this antenna is its mechanical durability. The antenna is manufactured in South Africa from cast aluminium making it exceptionally strong. LPDA-92 performs very well on the lower 3G and 4G bands.

  • Supplied with a 7-metre cable terminated with an SMA Male connector OR a short 300mm cable terminating with N Female.

Weight1.92 kg

7m Cable SMA (m), No Cable (0.3m HDF-195 cable N-type), No Cable (0.5m HDF-195 cable N-type)


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