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Powertec RG-402 Patch Cable N Female to SMA Male Low PIM

SKU: WEB-717

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The Powertec RG-402 Patch Cable N Female to SMA Male Low PIM 0.141″ semi-flex patch cables are a high performance, microwave-grade assembly designed to interconnect two components within an RF system.


  • This short 180 mm cable is designed to connect an N Male feeder to a passive component while meeting strict VSWR and PIM requirements.
  • The RG-402 assembly boasts 110 dB shielding.
  • These cables are factory terminated and swept prior to leaving the manufacturing facility.

RG-402 is a 0.141″ Semi Flex cable type used a very high performance patching cable. This cable type is required to meet the high electrical performance requirements imposed by LTE-A Pro, 5G, and other advanced wireless technologies.

0.141″ Semi-Flex cables like RG-402 use a tin-soaked copper braid to provide near 100% RF shielding, low PIM, very low loss, all while retaining malleability.

Cable Length

30cm, 50cm


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