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Peplink Balance One

SKU: M2M-PL-00433

Price on Application

Peplink Balance One is a router with dual-WAN load balancing that delivers big-business uptime and speed in an affordable package designed for small businesses and power users.

This router gives you two independent networks that also work together, so all your devices can connect without clashing.

Peplink EssentialCare and EssentialCare+

EssentialCare and EssentialCare+

The “PLUS” plans offer the advantage of 24/7 ticket support.  This means that customers' technical requests will be reviewed by a Peplink Support person at any time, day or night.

When a product has a “PLUS” plan assigned and Peplink has issued an RMA number, then an advanced shipment of the replacement device will occur from Hong Kong.  Naturally, customers who require immediate replacement, always recommend that they purchase a hot swap spare unit.

Price on Application

Peplink Speedfusion Licences

Peplink’s patent-pending SpeedFusion technology is a point-to-point true packet-level bonding technology.

It allows you to create an unbreakable VPN, and VoIP or replace expensive MPLS.

Price on Application

Price on Application

Peplink Balance One

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions3.048 × 16.02 × 27.178 cm

Peplink EssentialCare and EssentialCare+


Balance 30 LTEA/PRO, FlexModule Mini – VDSL Module, FlexModule Mini, MAX Transit LTEA, MAX HD2 MBX LTEA, MBX Expansion Module with 2x5G Modems, MAX HD2 MBX LTEA (5G), MAX HD2 MBX LTEA, MBX Expansion Module with 4x5G Modems, MAX HD4 MBX LTEA, Balance 310 5G, Balance 310X (CAT 12), Balance 310X 5G, Balance 310X LTEA, FusionHub Essential, FusionHub Pro, FusionHub 100, AP One AX, AP One Rugged, 8 Port Switch, 16 Port Switch, 24 Port Switch, 48 Port Switch, Balance 380, Balance 20, Balance One, MAX BR1 MINI LTEA, MAX BR1 Pro LTEA, MAX BR1 ENT (LTEA), Max Adaptor 5G, MAX HD1 Dome, SIM Injector, SIM Injector Mini, MAX HD1 Dome Pro, Balance SDX, FlexModule Plus, Balance SDX Pro with 1TB SSD, Balance SDX Pro with 2TB SSD, EPX Chasis with LCD Module (EPX-M8), Balance 30 Pro, Max Adapter 5G, SD Switch 8-Port Rugged ,SD Switch 16-Port Rugged, SD Power Management Unit, SpeedFusion Engine (Dual),AP Pro AC, AP Pro AX, Balance 30 LTE, Device Connector IP67, FlexModule Mini 5G, MAX BR1 ESN, FlexModule Mini VDSL, AP One Series (except AP One Flex and AP One AX), Device Connector, FlexModule Mini LTE, Max Adapter LTEA (CAT-6), MAX BR1 MINI LTE (HW1), Surf SOHO, SIM Injector Mini, FlexModule Mini LTEA, AP Pro Duo, Balance One, Balance One Core, Device Connector IP55, MAX Hotspot LTE, MAX HD2 MBX 5G, MAX HD4 MBX 5G, Balance 310X LTEA, AP One AX, MAX BR1 MINI LTEA (HW1), AP One Flex, AP Pro, Balance 20, Balance 30, Max Adapter LTEA (CAT-12), Balance Two, SD Switch 24-Port SD, Switch 24-Port Rugged, SD Switch 48-Port, Balance SDX Pro, Balance SDX Pro with 1TB SSD, EPX (Main Chassis), MAX HD2 MBX LTEA (CAT-12), MAX MBX Mini 5G

EssentialCare Period

1-Year, 2-Year, 4-Year

Care Type

EssentialCare, EssentialCare+

Peplink Speedfusion Licences


Speedfusion Bonding, VPN/Speedfusion Peers


Up to 5, Up to 20, Up to 50, Up to 30, Up to 100


Selected Models, MAX HD2 MBX/HD4 MBX, Balance 310X/310 5G, Balance 380/580 (Perpetual), Selected Models (Perpetual)


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