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Linkyfi Cloud Licence – 1 Year

SKU: WEB-069

Price on Application

Free WiFi has long since been much more than just a perk for visitors. Now, it is a way for businesses to gather customer insights that ensure better marketing; a data-mine that companies can use to make better business decisions; a road map for cities and venues that want to grow smarter.

  • Multiple WiFi monetization options
  • Multitenancy
  • WiFi reports and analytics
  • Density alert
  • Location-aware footfall and dwell time data
  • Comparative reporting

WiFi Monetization

WiFi doesn’t have to just be given to visitors for free – Linkyfi has a variety of granular pay-to-access settings. Additionally, captive portals and splash pages offer extra advertising space that can be monetized.

Visitor Insights

Data is not only a powerful business tool, it’s money in the making. From business optimizations to marketing, everything is more effective if you have the right information that Linkyfi gives you.

Easy Marketing

Equipped with a smart marketing engine, Linkyfi makes it possible to easily reach specific audiences through personalized emails, loyalty campaigns, and proximity-triggered push notifications.

Whitelabel Solution

Linkyfi can be resold as a whitelabel stand-alone solution or in a bundle with WiFi equipment or data services to make your offer truly stand out.


Compatible with a wide range of devices including Ruckus, Altai, Cambium, Meraki, Mirkrotik, Teltonika, IgniteNet, Pepwave and more! Contact us today on 55 770 500 for full list and capabilities.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to discuss pricing for different packages or projects of more than 10 Access Points. 


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