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4G-5G Desktop Survey, Mobile Coverage Audit

SKU: SERV-00104

Price on Application

Solving weak phone reception or slow mobile broadband data speeds can seem like a difficult task. It’s made difficult by the fact that wireless signal is invisible. A Desktop Survey builds a simple colour map of mobile signal levels, allowing us to very easily understand the reasons why signal is poor in your area.

When booking the survey we will ask a few questions about where you are, which mobile network and what devices you’re using, and how many bars of service you can receive indoors and outdoors.

We then input your location into Powertec’s National Coverage Model. The model has been developed by digitally simulating the tens of thousands of mobile towers across the country for each mobile network (Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone), and their different technology types like 4G and 5G. High accuracy terrain and vegetation models allow us to identify any hills and trees that are impacting network transmission.

  • Works out what is causing low signal
  • Determines what antenna you need
  • Quick and affordable
  • Professional PDF report, yours to keep

How does it work?

Mobile phones and mobile broadband dongles communicate with the cell tower using radio waves.  In low phone signal areas you may need an antenna installed on the roof. A cable runs from the antenna on the roof where the signal is stronger to inside into a device like the CEL-FI repeater which boosts phone signal to 5 bars within the house. When you order the Desktop Survey our technician will use advanced computer software to work out what cell towers are nearby. The effects of hills and trees are then visualised, allowing us to understand which cell tower is providing the best possible connection to your location.


Powertec can provide the solution from end-to-end. Our technical team can diagnose, design, and organise one of our trusted national installation partners to build the system. Simply order the survey online and let us handle the rest.


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