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Blackhawk Antennas Poles and Roof Mounts

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To ensure easy installation of antenna and repeater systems, Blackhawk provides a range of poles, masts, mounts, and brackets. Blackhawk poles and roof mounts are some of the most innovative designs and most durable on the market, built tough for the Australian environment. All Blackhawk products come with a 5-year warranty.

See the full product range below:

Blackhawk Free Standing Towers

6/ 12/ 18/ 24/ 30 metre heights


  • 3 and 6-metre sections
  • Freestanding and self-supportable with no guyed ropes required
  • Lightweight models available

The innovative free-standing design is manufactured in 6-metre sections, making transport and assembly comfortable. Outstanding shear and torsional stiffness make it suitable for many telecommunications applications.


Blackhawk Lattice Towers


3.4/ 6.5/ 9.6/ 12.7/ 15.8/ 18.9-metre heights available


Ultra-lightweight fully engineered design

  • Perfect for Wireless ISPs
  • 210 mm wide body
  • 3100 mm section lengths
  • Low maintenance aluminium construction
  • Roofs mounted options are available

Guyed towers are a staple in the communications game. Affordable and quick, these towers can be installed in a matter of hours when using the recommended Surefoot concrete-less footings. When combined with the CEL-FI GO, the Blackhawk  Guyed Lattice Tower is a fantastic solution for permanent mobile communications in remote areas – simply locate a small hill or spot where signal is available, install the tower and GO kit, and aim the transmit antenna towards your building.


Blackhawk Climbable Roof Mast

5m or 8m available


  • Climbable foot-pegs to three metres
  • Galvanised 48 mm (OD) pole
  • Rotatable top section with optional mastheads
  • Guyed at the three-metre mark for exceptional stability

The clever split two-section design allows the top section to be rotatable, permitting azimuthal adjustments post-installation, and completely replaceable with a custom masthead such as a cluster or sector mounting frame. Footpegs are fully welded galvanised steel, climbable up to the three-metre mark (first section) to access any equipment mounted even at the five-metre mark.


Blackhawk Collared Roof Masts

Blackhawk Collared Roof Mast 2m,, 50mm Pole Diameter 1


  • 50mm or 75mm pole diameter
  • 2m or 3m poles
  • Hinged option, tile mount or tek-screw option


  • Designed for applications requiring high stability
  • Fully engineered for minimal az/el deflection
  • Galvanised
  • Sliding collar with grub-screw attachment

This design is safe, fast, and heavy duty. The footplate has a hinged design allowing pitch compensation for standard corrugated iron and tin roofs.


Blackhawk Telescopic Masts




  • 5.8 or 7.6-metre options
  • Tripod base available


  • Great for events and festivals
  • Perfect for field testing communications
  • Hand-portable, hand-raised design
  • Quick-release locking
  • Universal mounting spigot
  • Optional guy wire kit available for extra stability

The Blackhawk portable telescopic mast can be set to your desired height, with ultra-secure quick-lock fittings.


Blackhawk Pole Mounts

Blackhawk Ground Probe Mast


Ground Probe Mast 2m


  • Designed for quick, screw-in installation
  • Single-person install
  • 690 mm Otter Ground Screw
  • Pole heights from 1.0 m to 3.0 m
  • Galvanised 48 mm (OD) pole
  • 100% Australian designed & manufactured

Built tough for the Australian environment, the Blackhawk Ground Probe Galvanised Pole is our go-to mounting platform for the agricultural Internet of Things (loT) monitoring systems.


Blackhawk Roof J Pole

J Pole



• 1.8m


  • J-Pole or “Hockey Stick” curved design to provide clearance around drainage gutters
  • Product material
  • Mounting plate with pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • sturdy, durable construction
  • Mounts any style antenna

The J-Pole has been designed as a versatile antenna mount, suitable for use with any style of antenna. It can be mounted on the roof, wall or any other flat surface.

Blackhawk Custom Products

custom product


  • Communications Trailers
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Brackets
  • Pneumatic Masts

Blackhawk design and manufacture a range of custom products. There are many configurations to select from, systems can be custom designed to suit your specific application. Our design team can help provide a coverage solution.



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