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Benefits of an SMS Notification System

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Unplanned system downtime can lead to revenue losses and reputation damage for enterprises. Risks associated with downtime need to be mitigated immediately to prevent it from developing into a crisis or full-blown disaster.

Benefits of an SMS notification solution:

  1. Automates the process of communicating critical alerts instantly to end users enabling corrective action in time.
  2. 2-way Alerts from IP addressable infrastructure (both IT/ non-IT), Third Party Applications and Users across the Enterprise
  3. Cost-Efficient and effective independent of internet connectivity

Why Choose sendQuick?:

  • Easy to deploy Plug & Play appliance
  • Real-time Out-of-band delivery (SMS is sent via SIM card obtained from local Telco)
  • Automated Escalation with 2-way SMS
  • API integration to any application
  • User web interface for broadcast messaging
  • Send messages instantly via SMS, Emails and Instant messenger apps such as Facebook, WeChat, Viber, LINE, Slack, and Telegram.

For more information on sms alerts products please contact us by phone or email sales@powertec.com.au.


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