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Are Your Masts and Towers of a High Standard?

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apac climbable five metre guyed roof mast foot pegs rotatable

Are Your Masts and Towers of a High Manufacturing Standard?

Mast on Roof

Powertec prides itself on providing quality products.  When you review the quality with other brands and suppliers, in the majority of cases we believe you will not be comparing like with like.  When looking at purchasing comparative tower and mast products, find out whether they are of an equivalent high standard.

High Quality Structural Grade Aluminium 6005 TA

Blackhawk towers and masts have been manufactured from high quality, structural grade aluminium 6005 TA. This aluminium provides a dramatic improvement in compression and shear strength over 6060 T5 aluminium alloy, which is a lower cost non-structural aluminium grade that is used in some other towers.

6mm 7/19 Strand Guy Wire

Our towers use a 6 mm 7/19 strand guy wire. This substantially increases the quality and durability in comparison to 3.2 mm guy wire, which despite satisfying minimum legal requirements reportedly felt unsafe.

Certified Boom Welders

Pole on Roof

All welding is conducted by certified boom welders experienced in welding 100,000 psi yield steel as used in crane and tower lattice structures and to provide superior structural integrity the internal latticework was upgraded from 2 mm thickness as used in other towers to 3 mm wall thickness for Blackhawk towers.

Modular system

The tower design has been developed as a modular system, allowing hot-swap of a range of headframes and spigots, and adding more sections to increase height without replacing the base plate or invalidating the engineering. Optional extras are also available, such as Anti-Torque Arm for large microwave dishes, Lightning Finials for sensitive electronic equipment and Gin Pole and Winch kit for raising larger towers.

For more information on the range of masts and towers, plus poles and roof mounts that we have available, please visit the website HERE, or contact Powertec offices for more information.  sales@powertec.com.au

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