Altai’s Mission-Critical Wi-Fi Solutions for Large Scale Installations

Altai consistently delivers highly effective, Mission-Critical Wi-Fi solutions which can span several kilometres even with significant signal disruptions.

Altai Technologies is a leading supplier of carrier-grade Wi-Fi products and technologies with a distribution network reaching 100 countries. Altai Super Wi-Fi is the leading solution for vertical industrial markets, covering over 200 terminal ports globally.

Altai Super Wi-Fi products are suitable for a variety of applications with challenging environments including, warehouses, factories, shipping yards, mining sites, airports, and even small towns.

Case study: Altai Automates Container Port in Africa

Products used:

The Challenge:

  • Large area outdoor coverage with stacks of metallic containers densely surrounding the environment (metal is an obstacle for WiFi signals)
  • Limited locations for equipment installation
  • 24 x 7 uninterrupted service
  • A large number of devices sharing the network

Overview of Mission-Critical Wi-Fi Solution

Djibouti is strategically located near some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, controlling access to the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. It serves as a key refuelling and transhipment centre and is the principal maritime port for imports from and exports to neighbouring Ethiopia.

With such a significant role in the marine business, the Port of Doraleh and its relevant facilities must be equipped with the best operating system.

Given the stringent requirements and challenging environment of a container port with heavy traffic, Altai does not only fulfil DCT’s requirements and even surpass its expectations. With the patented smart antenna technology, Altai’s Wi-Fi base station can provide robust wireless coverage for a distance as far as 1.7km (LOS).

Equipped with Altai’s A8n and A8-Ein, the management and operation efficiency of the terminal is not only secured but also fully enhanced.

Mission-Critical Wi-Fi Solution

Given the challenging environment of container ports, e.g. surrounded by stacks of containers and stringent requirements on signal strength, stability etc., a standard access point might not be able to satisfy these needs. However, with the unique smart antenna technology, Altai’s products can still perform best in harsh environments.

In the project, Altai’s A8n and A8-Ein have been deployed to provide the network coverage for the terminal and related office areas, with Altai’s access controller as the network management system.

The Result

Altai Super Wi-Fi has realised real-time and remote central management for the heavy-traffic terminal. With Altai’s mission-critical Wi-Fi solution, DCT staff in the control room can remotely locate and manage data of any container at the terminal; which has greatly fostered daily operations and brought significant improvement in terms of operational efficiency.

Original article by Altai Technologies, www.altaitechnologies.com

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