U1– CPE for Indoor Pico Coverage Extension

Enabling simple indoor coverage extension and complementing Altai’s Super WiFi base station solution, the U1 CPEs are designed for simple, plug-and-play indoor self-installation. The U1 USB CPEs employ a patented smart signal processing algorithm and antenna design to increase WiFi signal strength (transmission and reception) as well as the client’s throughput.

    Up to 50m range


    USB Connection to PC


Altai U1 USB CPE


Altai U1 USB CPE



  • Patented signal processing for improved radio performance in LOS and NLOS conditions
  • High-performance antennas with ±45° dual slant patch antennas – optimizing performance when operating in conjunction with Altai A8n series antennas..
  • Preconfigured user profiles with predefined Access Point Association
  • Simplified installation with:
    • Integrated alignment utility for fast, simple and best-performing installation,
    • Data connection and CPE power connection –  through a single USB PC connection
    • Operates in the 2.4GHz band.


 Altai U1 Data Sheet