BX300 Series – Wireless Bridge for Backhaul

The Altai BX300 Wireless Bridge is designed to be used in Altai Super WiFi systems to provide carrier-grade ultra long range and high throughput backhaul bridging.

The Altai BX300 Series comprises of a number of high-performance antenna options which operate in both LOS and NLOS environments in the 5 GHz unlicensed frequency bands. Featuring highest performing hardware and operating system coupled with most innovative radio technology providing with best sensitivity, increased output power across all modulations and wide dynamic range, Altai BX300 Series represent a perfectly balanced solution for any type of backhaul connectivity.






The Altai BX300 product family is an optimal solution for mobile operators and all other service operators requiring multi-megabit capacity for their backhaul links. In all these applications, the BX300 Series offer operational cost saving benefits such as quick deployment and ease of configuration.

  • BX300-N is a high performance, rugged PTP and PTMP wireless bridge. Due to its high gain antenna, it is often used in short to long range deployment, and in harsh conditions.
  • BX300-S is a single-radio high performance, PTMP base station. Due to its single radio & high quality 16 dBi sector antenna, it is optimized for high capacity multipoint deployments for short to medium distance.
  • BX300-X is a high throughput, rugged PTP and PTMP wireless bridge. It supports external antennas and is often used in long distance urban and rural environments.

Benefits of Altai BX300 Wireless Bridge

The Altai BX300 Series are a wireless PTP and PTMP solution which combines high-speed capability, up to 245 Mbps throughput, with a rich set of best-in-class features and benefits such as leading-edge radio protocols providing unrivalled spectral efficiency and wireless transmissions over long distances.


 Altai BX300 Series Data Sheet