How to Achieve an Excellent WiFi Solution for your Warehouse

Manufacturing environments are notoriously difficult to ensure robust and effective warehouse WiFi solutions due to the high interference plant environment. Powertec have the best products and the ability to get the job done, providing you with choice and an excellent outcome.

  • Wireless connectivity for handheld and mobile terminals
  • For users in manufacturing plant, warehouses and open areas
  • Wireless access to Work-In-Process “WIP Systems” as used in manufacturing and repair
  • Wireless integration of RFID and bar code systems as used for tracking work orders, work items, personnel and other data efficiently
  • Other multi-media applications as required
  • Outdoor/indoor video surveillance as required

warehouse wifi Solutions

The Challenge 

  • Large distributed plant areas
  • High signal blockage
  • Highly congested environment
  • Unstable client connection
  • Limited installation sites in outdoor areas

Altai WiFi Solutions 

  • Complete outdoor/indoor solution
  • Large coverage
  • Simple installation
  • Reliable 1+1 backhaul protection
  • Robustness in a high interference plant environment