The Application

  • Wireless connectivity for handheld and vehicle-mounted terminals
  • For maintenance crews at apron and repair center areas
  • Remote access to maintenance document library
  • Video surveillance for apron and hangar areas, etc.
  • Ad-hoc mobile network for ground service crews
  • Wireless Internet connectivity for passengers in parking lots, waiting areas, restaurants, etc.

The Challenge

  • Large areas required
  • Limited installation sites available
  • Mobility of target areas
  • Signals blocked by aircraft and metallic cockpit windows
  • High stability required

Altai Solution

  • Wide coverage: up to 1.5 km near-LOS, with minimum installation sites
  • Mobile A2 AP for ad-hoc coverage and cockpit signal enhancement
  • Complete backhaul protection
  • Robust in interfering environment
  • Mobile client management