The Super Wi-Fi Company

Altai Technologies is a high-technology company that designs, develops and markets carrier-grade, innovative wireless broadband solutions.

Altai has a patented long-range WiFi technology that can dramatically improve WiFi signal coverage while minimising interference from other signals broadcasting within the 2.4GHz unlicensed frequency spectrum.

Altai’s products are deployed worldwide in every major industry, including carriers and service providers, logistics centres, educational institutions, municipal governments, hospitality, manufacturing and more.

The Altai Super WiFi Solution offers a complete wireless solution comprising base stations (A8-Ein/ A8in/A8n), access points (A2/A2e/A2-Ei), CPE (C1n/C1an/U1), access controllers and wireless management software (AWMS).

Altai’s flagship product, the A8n Super WiFi base station, is deployed globally with various 3G, LTE, CDMA and WiMax mobile systems for 3G/4G data offloading, as well as incity-wide WiFi networks and various private network applications.

Deployment in over 100 Countries

Macro Coverage: A8n Super WiFi Base Station Family

10 times the coverage area compared to any standard access point