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Altai Super Wifi


In order to enhance operational efficiency and increase productivity, many e-commerce operators, logistics companies and manufacturing plants nowadays have deployed Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) and Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems. However, the wireless network stability is always a key concern since the facilities are huge in area (typically a few thousand square metres) with a large number of moving devices such as AGV (over 100). The challenge becomes even bigger when the venue environment is more complex and everchanging. In fact, Altai Super WiFi is simply the best wireless solution to support a reliable wireless connectivity for such high mobility environment.

Super Coverage – With the patented smart antenna technology, Altai’s Super WiFi base stations can provide unprecedented coverage, up to 1.7km to normal clients in LOS outdoor environment. Thanks to such super coverage capability, only a single Altai WiFi base station installed at one corner of a logistics hub can provide blanket coverage over 8,000 sqm without any blind spot. In contrast, around 20 Access Point’s (AP) would be required when using traditional AP.

Coverage Redundancy – Due to heavy workload and round-the-clock operation, automated warehouse operators cannot tolerate any downtime for their control system. Therefore, overlapped coverage is essential for a reliable network solution. While Altai’s APs are able to provide large area coverage, overlapped coverage is much simpler to achieve than any other wireless solution. It simply requires another AP to be installed at the opposite corner of the initial AP. Both AP’s could provide full coverage to the warehouse individually.

Fast Roaming – While multiple APs have been installed in a warehouse, pauses or interruptions are often caused by Automated Guided Vehicle roaming from one AP to another. Thanks to the super large coverage offered by Altai Super WiFi, the number of APs required can be minimised and hence the roaming frequency. Altai has also enhanced the roaming mechanisms that help reduce roaming time to millisecond level. Furthermore, Altai’s purpose-built industrial-grade CPE, VX200, supports a variety of configurable roaming parameters such as scanning interval, RSSI threshold etc. according to the actual environment in order to achieve the optimal roaming performance.

Dual-band Coverage and Channel Planning – Because of the limited number of available channels and high interference in 2.4GHz band, more and more AGVs start to support 5GHz too. A future-proof WiFi network for an automated warehouse should support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz simultaneously. Altai Super WiFi APs support dual-band dual-concurrent (DBDC) operation.

AGV Capacity Planning – Not only do Altai’s APs have super large coverage, but they also support high capacity (concurrent clients). When in Dual Band Dual Current mode, each Altai AP can support up to 160 AGVs simultaneously.

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