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APAC Infrastructure

AL220 Aluminium Roof Mounted Lattice Tower - 18.9 metres, Stainless Guy Wires

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APAC's aluminum lattice towers provide WISPs with a lightweight, climbable solution, ensuring safety, strength, and flexibility for optimal wireless service deployment.
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AL220 Aluminium Roof Mounted Lattice Tower - 18.9 metres, Stainless Guy Wires

$11,434.69 inc GST
$10,395.17 ex GST

With the surging demand for wireless point-to-multipoint services, WISPs face the challenge of maximizing site and spectrum utilization. Traditionally, tall 'telomasts' have been used, but these are not suitable for multiple sectors and high-gain dishes. APAC has met this challenge head-on with our innovative ultra-lightweight, climbable, aluminum lattice towers that can be easily raised on a roof with a small team.

Key Features of APAC's Roof Lattice Towers:

  • Modular Design: The towers consist of a large universal-joint base plate, modular 3.1-meter lattice sections, guy wires, and customizable headframes. This design allows for flexibility, enabling the construction of towers as short as 3.1 meters, with full structural engineering certification up to 37.2 meters (or 21.7 meters in Wind Region C).

  • Sturdy and Lightweight: Our AL220 aluminum lattice modules feature three upright columns made from 40x3 round tube, with 25x3 round tube lattice braces welded by certified boom welders. This construction ensures incredible strength while maintaining a lightweight design, allowing technicians to safely climb the full height.

  • Safety First: The tower base is built with a 50-tonne rated, fully machined billet aluminum universal-joint. This design allows axis locking for safe and easy raising. The solid structural grade aluminum components provide absolute peace of mind regarding the tower's integrity.

Additional Benefits:

  • Lightweight and easy to raise
  • Fully engineered design
  • Climbable to a full height of 18.6 meters
  • Low maintenance due to durable aluminum construction
  • Equipped with 6 mm 7x19 galvanized steel guy wires
  • Convenient 3100 mm section lengths

APAC's aluminum lattice towers are the perfect solution for WISPs looking to optimize their wireless services efficiently and safely.


  • Aluminium fabrication in accordance to AS1664
  • Aluminium welding in accordance to AS1665
  • 7/16" Zinc or Stainless Steel bolts in accordance to ISO 3506 U.N.O.
  • Guy cables in accordance to AS3569, Class 7x19 Grade 2070
  • Guy wire preload tension to 0.94 kN
  • Cable joins and attachments in accordance to AS2579
  • Structure classification per AS3995 is Type II
Extended Height
18.9 m
Typical Footprint
21800 mm ⌀ (at ideal 60⁰ guying)
Tower Weight
78 kg (excl. guy wires)
Supported Sail Area
>1.27 m² (Region A), >0.71 m² (Region C)
Guy Pre-tension Force
0.94 kN (Regions A to C)
Lattice Sections
Module Section Length
3100 mm
Module Width
220 mm
Module Face Width
180 mm
Lattice Material
6005 T5 Aluminium Alloy, 40x3 mm CHS legs, 25x3 mm braces
Lattice Finish
Raw, acid finish
Guy Kit
350 m spool, 36 thimbles, 18 turnbuckles, 36 wire saddles
Guy Wires
6 mm, Class 7x19, Grade 2070, Galvanised Steel
Universal Joint Construction
Machined Billet, 6005 T5 Aluminium Alloy
Universal Joint Finish
Raw Aluminium
General Information
Manufacturer: APAC Infrastructure
Manufacturer Part Number: AP-RLT-AL220-18-SS
Packaging Details
Weight: 56.00 KGS

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