Agriculture Machine to Machine (M2M) Solutions

Move from having a worm’s eye view of your farm to a bird’s eye view.

Machine to Machine for Agribusiness

Adopting smart farming solutions to improve efficiency, reduce processing costs and improve yield should be high on the agenda for regional businesses. There are specific challenges generated by agriculture including distances and environmental factors that need to be addressed by your solution – and there is every reason to collect all your Agricultural IoT solutions into one central management portal to monitor everything from one mobile point – on or off your farm.

Depending on your business, there are any number of solutions to help, with their number only limited by your wish list; and getting set up is not necessarily a costly experience.

Some examples of uses of IoT in Agriculture include:

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Monitoring Livestock

Wireless monitoring is already well advanced to measure health of stock, location of cattle and produce data needed by buyers and sellers. Recognising and removing a sick calf could save thousands in vet bills not having to treat a herd.

Conveyor Belt Alerts – Agricultural conveyor belts can be dangerous and monitoring hazards by wireless sensors can ensure that temperatures higher or lower than a baseline are investigated immediately. This will minimise conditions suitable for dust fires and explosions that have been a regular occurrence over the years.

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Irrigation and Pump Monitoring

Environmental/Rainfall Data Monitoring – Study of weather conditions to optimise production of crops and schedule farm activity like cropping, picking etc.

Pump Management/Irrigation/Pivot System Control – Monitoring your water use allows you to reduce water consumption, avoid watering when unnecessary, based on upcoming weather forecast and soil characteristics.

Fuel/Water/Liquid Feed Tank Monitoring – Don’t run out of feed, fuel or fertiliser, manage your stocks and buy efficiently.

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Generator Monitoring

Generator Monitoring – Check the status of your generator or control its settings from your office PC or mobile phone.

Livestock/Poultry Alerts – Pregnant livestock can be monitored by sensors sending you notification of the exact time of birth.

Toxic Gas Levels – Ensuring ventilation is correct in product management buildings, methane level alarms monitoring harmful gas from excrement

Precision Agriculture – Provides you with information from measurements, data to enable you to optimise all parts of your farm for their best usage. This can include digital farm maps, crop surveillance, and soil management.

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Soil Monitoring

Soil Monitoring – For moisture and nutrients, controlling water use, determining fertiliser requirements based on soil makeup, scheduling of planting and harvesting, and basic reporting of weather conditions.

Tractor and Combine Diagnostics – Plug a sensor into the diagnostic port of your farm vehicle and start measuring and logging all the data from your machinery. Access information that allows you to pinpoint any problems occurring with your assets in the field.

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Moving forward with M2M should be an important aim of anyone in the agricultural community. Your M2M system can collect data and make meaningful use of it to provide you with field plans, fertilisations schedules, nutrient monitoring, and more. All with the end aim of improving your efficiency, therefore minimising your losses and maximising your profits.

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